First, I saw this on the web and had to try it!

Fruit Loop Marshmallow Squares, not just for Rice Krispies, ya? who knew!

Then I made Neapolitan Rice Krispie Squares made with Kinnickinnick Gluten Free Rice Krispies. Now, no one here has any issues with gluten or nuts, Thank goodness but my hubby works for them and I need to come up with migraine-free, safe alternatives for him to bring for lunch seeing as no flour, bread and nut based item can enter the plant. For everyone’s safety obviously 🙂 The recipe called for cocoa flavoured rice krispies but I had none on hand, so I made my own with cocoa.. I also added chocolate chips but later realized that was wrong because of his headaches. I have some more fidgeting to do there. Cocoa is safe for him so maybe I will stop there or use white chocolate next time instead. I also used strawberry sundae syrup for the red layer but found it lacking in flavour. Maybe jam and red food gel paste next time. I will have plenty of fun with this recipe because it was no-fail and with so many possibilities! Feel free to click on the pics for a closer more yummy look! 🙂


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