I am gone…

Hmmm…well not really gone, obviously. šŸ™‚ I no longer Facebook though. I hope to not return because it seemed to be a bit of a life-sucker and waste of time for me really. I commented. I got nothing in return, I posted, and nothing. I shared and yet more of nothing. I have,no, HAD over 200 friends??? and the only ones that ever talked to me were the gaming friends, (which I think made up about 75% of my friends,) lol.

Besides Dave and my son that is. Dave started off as a gaming friend though. He can still text me about hockey whenever he wants though. That is one topic I will never tire of. šŸ™‚

I just thought that if my life must was so darn boring and inconsequential to my friends that I wasn’t worth a comment every couple of days, or in a week or even a month then what the hell am I on a social networking site for? lol

Even when I made the effort, it wasn’t returned sooo no more Facebook for me.

How much do you wanna bet, no one notices I am gone? Or comes to this blog to check up on me?

It’s all good though…time to clean up, clear out and move on. I think this is a healthy move that everyone needs to make in their lives. Not deleting Faebook but maybe deleting sadness or those that bring it.

Now it’s time to find some kind of happiness!

Those that know my cell, feel free to text. I have MSN as well. Let me know and I will send you addy’s and phone numbers and stuff. Sadly though, I know, no one will ask.


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