Valentine’s card for hubby

For those who don’t know, my youngest son and last child has moved out. While I am so very proud that I have raised two independent, loving, caring and kind-hearted gentleman, I can’t get over the empty nest syndrome that I am going through.
I try, I try really hard to keep busy, I clean, cook and try to scrapbook but none of it interests me and I find myself drawn more to the pillow and covers of my bed. In fact, it beckons for me now as I type this. I know that this is not how to deal with it. I also know that it will get better but the time until it does is sooo damn long. 😦
I think the biggest issue I have is that I am so very broke, and we don’t own a vehicle so going anywhere, getting out is next to impossible for me. I am home alone, from the time I get up until 6:30pm. That is a loooonnnggg time for one missing her sons to be at home alone. Left to ponder, what the heck is there to go on for… It will get better, right??
I did make my husband a Valentines card though, actually it’s a box/card. I also made the bow to match. Both box and card were made with not one trace of adhesive and I think I like it!
I also wrote a racy perfume scented note but that was for his eyes only. He in turn made me breakfast and bought me purple tulips. Also some chocolate treats for after supper. It was a nice night. Here are the pics, don’t forget to clicks!!


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