So, I do love messing around with new recipes. I get tired of the same old, same old. I made for dinner something called Hunters Crescent Beef Pie, apparently it is a Hungarian dish. It was fantastic. Cooked in a pie shell and topped with crescent dough. Loved it, so did the family. I also made my first pumpkin cheesecake with crushed pecan graham crust. But…oops! I forgot to take picks, take my word for it though, because it only lasted three days in this house, and that was with showing restraint, it was fantastic. This last dessert I made this week was a Jello cheesecake, which I make often but am not a huge fan of it. Five very simple ingredients, one being hot water, just doesn’t seem like real cheesecake to me for some reason. But it is a fave of my son and hubby so what can I say. I made this one in a spring-form pan for the first time and I also made it two different flavors and it also turned out great, for Jello cheesecake anyway. BTW, graham crumbs used in both desserts were made using Kinnikinnick graham crumbs. Very tasty and easy to work with. Love them!! Posted pics below.

I am currently working on a project that is a total revamp of a man’s tool box thingy, have no idea what they are called, it’s metal with about 25 plastic drawers and it was used to hold nails and screws and stuff. I am almost done and will show you a pic of what it looked like before I did anything to it. You will totally understand when you see it why I needed to change it!
Have a great weekend folks 🙂 Don’t forget, you can click on the pics to make them bigger!


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